Monday, March 31, 2014

Penny Sage

I've always been a fan of Penny Sage and designer Kate's easy, simple, everyday clothes, ever since Natalie introduced them to me. It's funny, and I only started thinking about this after my recent trip to New Zealand, but there's something about those kiwis that puts me at ease. I have so many friends from New Zealand, my favourite brands are all from New Zealand, some of my best memories of travel, of food, of happiness (really!) seem to have been in New Zealand. My opinions might be skewed by how much fun I had on the trip, but, certainly at the moment, I can't get enough of the land of the long white cloud. I'm plotting and scheming to get back there this year, watch this space. Anyway, I jumped at the chance to do a short interview with Penny Sage's lovely designer Kate, about her newest collection 'To The Wonder', its lovely, sun-dappled, sun-stained colourst, its hemlines designed for getting shit done and not worrying about your skirt flying up, its cosy knitwear - Kiwis do knitwear so well! - made for those winter mornings spent all by yourself. Winter is my season, and, at the moment, New Zealand my place. 

one. What was the inspiration for the collection? One day I passed through New Zealand's Desert Road and the sky was a beautiful mix of grays and faint lilac. I was taken by the textures of the snow falling and the tussock, pumice, rock and sand. After this trip I started to notice my everyday surroundings a lot more and how they echoed the colours and textures; an old nearby community hall painted entirely in gray hues; a succulent plant on my studio desk; and the way the light played against my living room wall as the sun set.  

two. What are your favourite pieces in the collection? I am pretty excited about wearing the Ravel jumper and cardigan which are due to arrive in the next couple of weeks. It's hard not to favour the knitwear; it's always really special to me because it's made from scratch and always so fun to work on. For the Ravel jumper and cardigan I wanted to create something that resembled the beautiful textures and colours on the Desert road. Different coloured yarns, some in slightly heavier weights were twisted together then knitted into beautiful fully fashioned pieces by the clever knitters I work with. 

three. Describe your perfect Auckland day. I love taking a drive away from the central area that I live and work in and going for a walk. There are so many beautiful spots in and around Auckland. I didn't grow up here so I'm still very slowly discovering the outskirts myself. One area I particularly love going to is the Waitakere ranges, there are heaps of great little walking tracks through beautiful native New Zealand bush- Fairy Falls is a favourite. I like stopping off at one of the weekend markets on the way to pick up something delicious like a salty Hungarian bread puff and some fresh fruit. 

four. What is one thing you can do in Auckland that you can't do anywhere else? You can travel a very short distance in almost any direction and be at a beautiful beach, reserve, or even an island and it feels like the city is far away.



alex said...

I love this post! makes me sad though, as I am from NZ and about to leave! Already feeling nostalgic about the place even though I'm still here for a few weeks.

hannah-rose said...

Alex - oh!! Leaving is always hard. I would love to come back to NZ, i'm making desperate plans to get back later this year. Where are you leaving for?